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System Roadmap

Take an overview of the timeline, from where we started to where our roadmap will lead us.

Our System exists since 2018 and has been initiated even before through a UI Kit for only one project and production team. Our FDS is born from that project.

Table of Contents


  1. Primitive UI Kit

  2. First visual/design inventory

  3. First Design Library and Guidelines

  4. First Sync. between design and dev. guidelines

  5. First DS rework with our developers.

  6. 10% of the Design System going online.

But we also have a lot of work to do for our teams, and for this public website.


1 oct. 2020
  • Core Values of the Group added to the Design Principles page.
  • Colors accessibility tables updated.
10 sept. 2020
09 apr. 2020
  • Typography updated with more usage examples and an evolution to Barlow, our now corporate font.
  • Colors updated with new shades of grey. (not fifty yet)
02 jan. 2020
17 dec. 2019
  • Design Process detailed
  • Colors Page updated
  • Buttons Page updated (still in progress)
14 oct. 2019
  • First Public Release


Here are some of our next steps leading by our Core Team. As a side project for the entire design team, we cannot make this roadmap more time sensitive. Some of the pages alreay existing in this website are still in work in progress and will be updated as soon as possible.

Image Library
To make a cross-domain library for Designer, Developer and Communication usages.
Technical and Design Guideline on accessibility. (on going)
Design Principles
Re-work Foyer Design Principles and write them down.
Foyer Public Website
Design System will also cover public websites.
E-mailing & Postal Mailing
Templating and communication standardization.
Voice & Tone
How to communicate with end users (clients, agents, etc.)
Standardization and simplification of the insurance terminology to avoid jargon and madd the content more accessible.
Document Base
To facilitate the access to documents for our agents and administration people.
Press Kit
To make first communication more easy and standardized.
Foyer Group
To make the Design System more global to the entire Foyer Group and not only the Insurandd part of the company.
Employee Kit
To onboard the newcomers more easily and efficiently.