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Open Innovation

Foyer Group is open to new ideas and collaboration to build or help building product and services for our common clients.

Last months Foyer worked a lot with startups to find new products and solutions for a better work environement. Chatbot solution, Crash & Error Analytics, Funnel Analytics and qualitative feedback solutions were our main problematics to solve.

Table of Contents

Being Open

Foyer is working on new APIs to improve the internal workflow. It is a lot of substantive work and requires a lot of effort because of the age of the company.
In the future, these APIs will open up to the outside world for the benefit of our external collaborators. Learn more on API.


By working with startups, we shared resources to improve our mutual experiences, and it worked well.

Foyer want to go further and want to propose collaboration with startups working on improving experience for our end users, or the experience of your clients/customers.
The terms of collaborating with Foyer are still in discussion, but if you are interested in a partnership, or if you are ambitious and working in the same core business:

  • Mobility Insurance
  • Home and lifestyle
  • Health and Care
  • Climate and Energy Saving
  • Process Optimization
  • Risk Prevention
  • Safety and Human Beings

and if you already have your first customers and an initial product, contact Alice.