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Foyer Design System

Helps you make experiences people will love.

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Foyer Global Guidelines & Design System

At Foyer we help our teams build documents, interfaces and copies by following guidelines, principles and best practices.

Design Guidelines

We provide guides to our designers and developers that help keeping consistency, preserving accessibility over devices but also on paper communication.

See Design Guidelines

Development Guidelines

We provide a system of well documented components to keep consistency and code quality over our interfaces, improving user experience and accessibility..

See Dev. Guidelines

Identity Guidelines

We built a centralized database of visual resources based on colors, shapes, and design principles that guide our branding and identity and help on taking decisions.

See Identity Guidelines

Copywriting Guidelines

The tone and the way we communicate to our different users, and all the humans around our communication matter. We guide our pens to follow the red line.

The humans behind

The FDS is made by a lot of people,
meet the main contributors of the system.

  • Julie Muller UX Designer

  • Léa Poisson Visual Designer

  • Geoffrey Crofte Lead Design System

  • Matthieu Da Costa UX/UI Designer

  • Steven Lozach Head Of UX

  • Jordan Solt UX Designer

  • Florentin Jakupi UI Designer

  • Bastien Collet Front-End Dev

  • Steven Berquez UX Designer

  • Xavier Lacoste UX/UI Designer

Why Sharing Those Design Guidelines?

At Foyer we believe in the benefit of sharing and opening our work.

At Foyer we work by putting the human being at the centre of our attention. We work internally to improve the experience of our customers and policyholders. We want to share our experience, share what we have learned, present our work to our employees, and get feedback from the outside.

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